Stampers 6!

I currently have spaces available on my Stampers 6...

So what is a Stampers 6? I hear you say...

It is a fabulous way of budgeting and earning FREE Hostess goodies.

Each of the 6 participants commits to spending £25 per month (minimum) on products, so the total order value is £150 - earning £15 FREE hostess pounds per month.

Each of the six participants selects or is allocated a month to earn the Freebies - so each one gets at least £15 of FREE products. These are then shipped to each of the six at the end of the 6 months.

What is great though is that your hostess pounds will be equal to 10% of the sales for that month so the more you order the more you get. So if you have lots of goodies you 'NEED' - then order them in your hostess month and you will get any extra pounds earned that month.

If sales for your hostess month exceed £400 - You could earn a HALF PRICE item... that could be a Big Shot for £49.50... Now that's a bargain!

So - e-mail me

Or call me - 07786 860438 / 01844 342494 and let me know if you would like to join!

Paula xxx

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